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    1. Name of the association

    The name of the Association shall be CARMEL Alumni Association. The Association shall be registered under the provision of Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

    2. Office

    The Registered office of the Association shall be situated at the school office, Carmel School Campus, Erode-638002.

    3. Aims and Objectives

    The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:

    3.1 Bring the old students & teachers of Carmel School, Erode under one forum for exchange of experience, dissemination of knowledge and talents amongst its members of the Association.

    3.2 To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops, endowment lectures and other academic activities and to keep in touch with one another of the teachers, non-teaching staff and students.

    3.3 To create and establish Alumni endowments for granting scholarships, prizes and medals to the outgoing students showing high proficiency in their academic/ cultural/ sports interests.

    3.4 To deliver social impact by participating and delivering social transformation initiatives.

    3.5. To collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations and gifts from members, non-members, Governments, Universities and other institutions and philanthropists for furtherance of the above objectives.

    3.6. To render financial aid to deserving poor students for continuing education after school.

    3.7. To render financial aid to deserving alumni in cases of extreme compassionate circumstances.

    3.8. To bring out magazines, souvenirs and newsletters highlighting the activities of the School and its Alumni.

    3.9. To organize cultural and educational programs and to conduct Alumni Day gatherings & celebrations.

    3.10. To carry out such other activities as may be necessary for furthering the above aims and objectives.

    4. Office Bearers

    Name Role Batch
    Rev. Fr. Dr. Anson Panengaden Chairman Principal
    Mr. Tom Franklin.S.Benjamin President 1994
    Mr. Karuppannasamy.M Vice President 1995
    Mr. Arul Kumar.M Secretary 1994
    Mr. Kailash.S Joint Secretary 1997
    Mr. Kumaresan .N Treasurer 1995
    Mr. Vishnu Joint Treasurer 1995
    Mr. Sadesh Kumar. N IT Administrator 1997
    Mr. Madhan Kumar.D Social Service Co-ordinator 1999
    Mr. Saravanan.S.P Media Relations 1998

    Executive Committee Members

    2-3 representatives from each batch.

    5. Members

    The Association shall consist of the following persons as its members.

    5.1 All students, teachers who were part of Carmel school from any academic year since inception are eligible to become members of the Association on payment of an life-time membership fee of Rs.100/-

    5.2 The subscribers to the memorandum shall be the founder members as well as life members of the Association and they will be known as founder – Life members of the Association. These founder life members nominated by the Chairman/Patron shall be the members of the First Executive Committee and they shall hold office for a period of three academic years.

    5.3 The Principal of the School shall be the Patron.

    6. Administration

    6.1. The administration of the Association shall rest in an Executive Committee, consisting of (1) a President (2) a Vice-President (3) a 6 General Secretary (4) a Joint Secretary (5) a Treasurer (6) A Joint Treasurer (7) I.T Administrator (8) Social Services coordinator (9) Media wing in charge and (10) Sixty two Executive committee Members. All founder Life members shall be the Ex-officio members of the Association.

    6.2. The Members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Members of the Association including Life members and founder life members at the Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) and they shall hold office for a period of three years.

    6.3. A committee once elected shall continue to hold office till a new committee assumes charge.

    6.4. If any vacancy arises in any post on account of resignation, death etc., the Executive Committee may nominate any person to such post from among the members of the Executive Committee. Such nominated persons shall hold office till the next election of the Executive Committee.

    6.5. If an Executive Committee Member is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee, without prior notice, he / she shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee.

    6.7. The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel a member for willful disregard to the Association rules or misconduct, on provided the member concerned gives an acceptable explanation for his / her misconduct.

    7. Election and Tenure at Office

    7.1. The mode of election shall be by nomination & consensus.

    7.2. The procedure for election shall be laid down by the Executive Committee.

    7.3. All terms of office of the elected members shall commence from the close of the AGBM (Annual General Body Meeting)  at which elections were held and shall continue for a period of THREE YEARS or till the close of the third AGBM, whichever is earlier.

    7.4. Members cannot hold the same office for more than two terms.

    7.5. In the event of a vacancy at any level in the Executive Committee, the Executive Committee shall have the freedom to elect a member to fill the vacancy.

    8. General Body Meetings

    8.1. The Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) shall be held every year in the first week of July.

    1. to elect the Executive Committee
    2. to approve the audited statement of accounts.
    3. to deliberate the annual report of the Association, and
    4. to consider any amendments to the By-laws.

    8.2. The Executive Committee may convene General Body meetings as and when necessary.

    8.3. Extraordinary meetings of the General Body shall be convened at the request of not less than one-third of the total members, within two months after receipt of such request.

    8.4. The quorum of a General Body meeting shall be one-third of total members or 20 members whichever is less.

    8.5. The meeting shall be conducted online or at the school premises.

    9. Executive Committee Meetings

    9.1. Meetings of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily be convened at least once in 3 months.

    9.2. Special Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be convened on written request of not less than 7 members of the Executive Committee.

    9.3. Quorum for a Meeting of the Executive Committee shall be one third of members of the Executive.

    10. General Provisions regarding meetings

    10.1. Seven days’ notice shall ordinarily be given for all meetings of the General Body / Executive Committee.

    10.2. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall preside over the meetings of the General Body / Executive Committee. In the absence of the President and Vice-President, a senior member of the Executive Committee shall preside over the meeting.

    10.3. All decisions shall be based on majority of votes. In case of equality of votes, the President of the meeting shall have to cast a vote.

    11. Powers and Duties of the Executive Committee

    11.1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Executive Committee.

    11.2. At least two other members of the office bearer’s shall be from amongst the members who are residents of the Erode.

    11.3. The Executive Committee shall have the power to incur expenditure necessary to carry out the aims of the Association.

    11.4. The Executive Committee shall have the power to frame By-laws consistent with the aims and objectives of the Association. The provisional Bylaws shall be placed before the next General Body Meeting for ratification.

    11.5. The Executive Committee shall have power to consider all communications addressed to the Association.

    11.6. The Executive Committee shall be in charge of and protect the properties and interests of the Association.

    11.7. The Executive Committee shall prepare and submit annual reports, including balance sheets, accounts / statements of income and expenditure.

    11.8. The Executive Committee shall collect dues / fees from members.

    11.9. The Executive Committee shall undertake such tasks as will protect the objectives of the association.

    12. Duties of Office Bearers of the Association

    12.1. Chairman

    All matters of dispute shall be referred to the Chairperson/ patron and his / her decision shall be final and binding on all parties.

    12.2. President The President shall preside over all the Meetings. He / She may allocate suitable responsibilities to other executive members. He / She may appoint working groups, sub-committees, officer, clerk and such other subordinate in consultation with General Secretary and Vice-President. He / She shall act on behalf of Association.

    12.3. Vice-President

    12.3.1.In addition to his / her duties as a Member of the Executive Committee, he shall preside over Committee Meetings in the absence of the President.

    12.4. General Secretary

    12.4.1.The General Secretary shall attend to the day to day correspondence and communications to and from Association.

    12.4.2. Maintain official records of the Association.

    12.4.3. Be an ex-officio member of all the Committees of Association.

    12.4.5. He / She shall be responsible for calling Meetings of the Executive Committee in consultation with the President.

     12.4.6. He / She shall be responsible for filing of annual Reports of Association with the Registrar of Societies after every Annual and other Special General Meetings, Financial Statements with the Income Tax Officer, and such other statutory requirements.

    12.5. Joint Secretary

    12.5.1. The Joint Secretary shall assist the General Secretary in discharging his / her duties. 12.5.2. He / She shall carry out such other duties as may be assigned to him / her from time to time by the Executive Committee.

    12.5.3. He / She shall assume charge as General Secretary in the absence of the General Secretary.

    12.6. Treasurer

    12.6.1. The Treasurer shall maintain the accounts of the Association.

     12.6.2. He / She will be an ex-officio member of all Committees involving financial implications and shall be the Chairman of the Finance Committee.

    12.6.3. Receive and hold all moneys paid to the Association for the use of the Association 12.6.4. He / She shall be responsible for getting the audited statements of Association prepared for presentation at the Annual General Meetings and file the same with the Income Tax authorities when duly passed by the General Body.

    12.7   Joint Treasurer

    12.5.1. The Joint Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in discharging his / her duties.

    12.5.2. He / She shall carry out such other duties as may be assigned to him / her from time to time by the Executive Committee.

    12.5.3. He / She shall assume charge as Treasurer in the absence of the Treasurer.

    12.8 IT Admin ( Information Technology Admin)

    12.8.1 IT Admin shall be responsible for the online representation of the association & its activities by facilitating alumni website, social media presence etc.

    12.8.2 He/ She shall act as an advisor on information technology aspects on behalf of the alumni association.

    12.9 Social Services Co-ordinator

    12.9.1 Social Services coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating & execution of  the social services activities identified by the association.

    12.10 Media Wing in-charge

    12.10.1 Media wing in-charge shall be responsible for press releases and media coverage on alumni association activities.

    12.10 Executive committee member:

    12.10.1 Executive Committee members from each batch shall be responsible for communicating & coordinating the association activities within their batchmates.

    12.10.2 Executive Committee members from each batch shall maintain a list of their batchmates, their current contact & location details and shall maintain the communication channels active and updated.

    12.10.3 Executive committee members from each batch shall represent the collective interests of their batchmates, and shall be responsible to organize batch gatherings in school premises in co-ordination with school authorities.

    13. Finance

    13.1. Money received as membership fees, donations, subscriptions etc. shall constitute the income of the Association.

    13.2. The funds of the Association shall be deposited in nationalized bank(s) in the name of Association and shall be operated jointly by any two of the following Executive committee members: (i) President, (ii) Treasurer and (iii)General Secretary duly authorized by the Executive Committee.

    14. Keeping of Accounts

    14.1. The Treasurer shall keep an account of the general funds of the Association. He shall maintain an account of all income and expenditure of the general funds of the Association in the manner prescribed.

    14.2. The accounts of the Association will be subject to annual audit by a certified Auditor to be appointed by the members in the Annual General Body Meeting. The first auditor shall be appointed by the Executive Committee and He / She shall hold office up to the end of the first Annual General Body Meeting.

    15. Audit of Accounts

    The Executive Committee shall at least once a year submit the accounts together with a general statement of the same and all necessary vouchers up to 31st March for audit to persons appointed as auditors. The auditors shall have access to all the books and accounts of the Association and shall examine every balance sheet and annual return and other receipts and payments or income and expenditure, funds and effects of the Association and shall verify the same with the accounts and vouchers relating thereto.

    16. Inspection of Books

    16.1. The Register of Members, the Minutes Book and the Books of accounts of the Association shall be open to the inspection of any member of the Association at all reasonable hours at the registered office of the Association or at any place where the same are kept, and it shall be the duty of the General Secretary to produce the same on request by the member, free of cost.

    16.2. Each member is eligible to be supplied with a copy of By-laws, list of members and the details of receipts and payments account, free of cost at the end of every year. Additional copy of By-laws, list of Members and details and payments account shall be supplied on application and payment of a fee of Rs. 50/- for each item said above.

    16.3. The Treasurer shall file with Registrar within one month after the date of Annual General Body Meeting –

    16.3.1. An authenticated copy of income and expenditure accounts, balance sheet and report of the auditors and General Secretary.

    16.3.2. A statement of the names, addresses and occupations of the persons who, at the expiry of the financial year, were members of society and

    16.3.3. A declaration to the effect that the association has been carrying on business or has been in operation during the financial year.

    16.3.4. It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to keep a copy of the last balance sheet of the association, together with the report of the auditors, displayed in a conspicuous place at the registered office of the association.

    17. Amendments

    Any of the provisions of the By-laws may be amended by two-third majority of the members present and voting at the General Body meeting of the Association.

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